The Extension Modules

We are constantly developing our LISA system so that we can provide a whole range of extension modules. They support the core modules in improving operational processes or information management on the shopfloor. The following and additional extension modules can be added on request:

We included the Problem Solving module as one of the first, as it is closely linked to the idea of lean management and is therefore a logical extension.

Our Audit function can support regular control tours in the company and has audit templates for this purpose that can be individually configured.

An integrated Time Tracking simplifies the recording of attendances or the organization of staff absences and vacation days. A setting for shift schedules supports forward planning.

A Qualification Matrix can be used to optimize the distribution of personnel at the operating locations and it provides information about training needs for building up know how in the workforce.

A module for systematic Maintenance can help with the planning of maintenance work or repair cycles. Recurring weak points can be detected and production downtimes avoided.