Digital Shopfloor Management

The increasing digitization of the past decade in manufacturing and production required a management solution on eye level. Instead of pop-up walls or boards to carry out effective Shopfloor Management, our digital system uses 65-inch touchscreens. However, the successful basics of shopfloor management such as leadership, communication, visualization and standardization were to be retained in any case and, of course, also found in our digital shopfloor management system. And so we developed our LISA-System (Lean Industrial Solutions & Applications). 

Thanks to the digital shopfloor management system, the continuous improvement of processes in production is now made even more efficient. At the center of the LISA system is the recording of KPIs and the registration of operational problems. Suggestions for improvement can also be recorded and directly linked to tasks. These are then processed along a defined processing cycle. These basic system functions have been enhanced as through other modular components supplemented which strengthen and meaningfully expand the effective capabilities of the LISA system.