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We are a young IT company in the heart of Aachen, which aims for improving internal business processes in industry and trade through its digital applications. Since 2020, we have been realizing the idea of an efficiently designed shopfloor management system together as Frisch Solutions GmbH. From the center of Germany's westernmost metropolis, we are working together on a vision of the digitally networked production of tomorrow!

Many years of experience in the manufacturing industry and profound knowledge in IT development distinguish our team. Extensive process and methodological knowledge in the relevant subject areas drive us to constantly improve components and modules. Ultimately, our incentive is to develop the most advanced shopfloor management system possible.

In addition to basic management tasks (store floor management, shift and vacation planning, idea management), the offered software solution also supports other internal processes such as maintenance tasks, risk assessment, project management and problem-solving methods. Our focus is on developing a system interface that can be used immediately after installation and intuitively understood by our customers as well as their employees. In combination with an easily accessible and user-friendly operation, many customers have already been convinced of the benefits of the LISA system.