The Core Modules

Sie bilden den Mittelpunkt des  LISA-Systems. Im Zentrum aller Kernmodule unseres Shopfloor-Management-Systems steht das KPI-Board, das die erreichten Kennzahlen visuell aufbereitet und Veränderungen transparent macht. Dessen Pendant, das Problemlösungsboard, enthält eine Liste der aufgetretenen Ereignisse und Störungen auf dem Shopfloor, die mit Aufgaben zu deren Lösung verknüpft werden können. Als Methode zur Problemlösung verwenden wir, neben dem PDCA-Zyklus (Plan/Do/Check/Act), auch die digitale Version eines A3-Reports, der als einer der Extension Modules is directly connected to the Problem Solving Board.

The KPI Board

The Problem Solving Board

KPI in circles and coils
PLB with events (left) and actions (right)

In this display, all key figures are shown at a glance, transparently and in real time, including the options for aggregation. Up to nine categories can be created for each board; according to the SQDC method, at least four categories are predefined. The organizational structure of the entire company can be mapped, even with multiple locations.

Each KPI board within the organization is linked to an individual problem solving board. It enables clear tracking and management of open problems and measures to eliminate them. The public presentation on the shopfloor ensures a high level of transparency regarding the status of each task.

The SQDC module connects the KPI board with the Problem-Solving Board and as such represents the main component of the LISA system. The Dashboard is our home page, which can be individualized by all users and provides a quick overview of personal settings and tasks. In the Organization module, users will find a virtual image of the current department and company location for better orientation within the system. The Documents serve as a repository of useful data and important information for access within the LISA system. Reports on usage statistics and a compact breakdown of board and process management can be generated from within the LISA system.

Additional Core Modules

The News function supports internal communication in the rapid dissemination of information on training courses, safety instructions or service appointments.

In the event of physical absence the Video Conference module makes participation in shopfloor meetings easy or promotes the exchange of know how and problem solving approaches between sites and shifts.