Integration in your company

The integration of the LISA system should be carried out in several steps in order to gradually introduce the system into everyday life and to be able to integrate it gently into the operational process. The following steps have proven successful in this process:
  • Access to the "digital shopfloor management" service
  • Low number of touch screens on the shopfloor
  • Transfer of all existing charts from the analog store floor management and provision of these on the digital KPI board

  • Touch screens at all relevant processes within the organization
  • First connection of subsystems (machine data acquisition / data logger)
  • Digital recording of relevant key figures by the company's own employees

  • Integration into the existing system landscape
  • Display of KPIs in real time
  • Aggregation of key figures within the entire organization
  • Integration of further processes (QA management, etc.) into the digital shopfloor management system